Jack Daniel's
Single Barrel Special Offer

A Rare Opportunity

Free Custom Bottle Engraving — Walpole Wine & Spirits is proud to offer this special opportunity to our customers. Free custom laser engraving is available on the following types of whiskey:

    ●  Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey 750ml (see description below)
    ●  Gentleman Jack 750ml & 1.75ltr
    ●  Woodford Reserve Bourbon 750ml and 1.75ltr

Let us help you create a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression for someone special. Great for special occasions, birthdays, father's day, weddings, corporate events, and more.

A Special note on Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey: Steve made a special trip to the Jack Daniel's Distillery (see below) in Lynchburg, Tennessee, last September and met with Master Distiller #7 Jeff Arnett to hand-select a barrel of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey to be bottled exclusively for Walpole Wine & Spirits. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey is not your ordinary Jack. After it is charcoal mellowed, it is specially aged in select white oak barrels in the very top of the barrel houses where the temperatures get very hot in the summer and very cold in the in the winter. This causes the whiskey to move into and out of the specially charred oak barrels to give this whiskey rich caramel aromas, deep amber hues, and distinct vanilla notes in a very satisfying finish. We have a bottle open in the store for you to sample, and one smell and taste will convince you of the extraordinary quality and flavor of this special whiskey.

We generally can produce these engraved bottles in 10-12 days. Please call 508-668-3338 for more information and ask for Steve.


Here are some pictures from Steve's most recent visit to the Jack Daniel's Distillery:

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Click here to view the photos of Steve's 2010 trip to Jack Daniel's